How to keep your commercial kitchen clean?

If you don’t keep the commercial kitchen clean, then bacteria can sneak into several places in the commercial kitchen. These include utensils, cutting boards, bench tops, etc. You should understand that commercial kitchen setup costs can be a lot. So, if the hygiene standards are not maintained, then even your staff and patrons can get sick which may not prove good for running your business.

So, here are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind for keeping your commercial kitchen clean.

Use the right hand-washing technique
Washing your hands regularly is perhaps one of the best ways through which the spread of bacteria can be easily stopped while keeping your kitchen clean. So, you should make a habit of cleaning your hands before, after, and while you are preparing the food.

Additionally, the staff members should keep hygiene in mind before working in the kitchen and thus should wash their hands regularly. Also, keep cleaning chemicals handy if you are looking to have a commercial kitchen that is well-maintained and cleaned. Lastly, keep a reminder sheet that would outline how to wash your hands correctly and regularly.

HACCP Principles
With the assistance of HACCP principles, the risk of cross-contamination and spoilage of food during preparation, storage, and cooking are reduced. Moreover, it also ensures that the food is prepared at the correct temperature while using the best practices such that harmful bacteria can be stopped from growing. Lastly, all your staff should be aware of these practices to ensure that your kitchen is kept clean.

Cleaning the utensils and surfaces
The utensil and surfaces of the kitchen should be cleaned regularly after every use. So, one great way that you can do so is by using soapy & hot water. Besides this, clean clothes should be used to wipe out all the spills and after this, you should wash them in the washing machine

The commercial dishwasher in which you wash dishes, cookware, utensils, as well as other items, should be sanitized regularly such that bacteria are eliminated. Make sure to use them at high temperatures to ensure that all the bacteria get killed in the process

Kitchen Floor cleaning
The floors of the commercial kitchen are perhaps one of the places in which bacteria and grime can build up. In general, the kitchen floors are made using quarry or ceramic. Hence, they should be sealed using a non-slip coating such that proper hygiene is encouraged. Moreover, it will also ensure that the staff doesn’t slip on the floor.

Other breeding grounds that the bacteria can have are buckets and soiled mops. Further, it can spread from one room to another quite easily. So, you should possibly use a floor scrubber that will remove the dirt from the floor while keeping your kitchen clean.

The right cleaning solution should be used
If you are looking to clean and maintain your commercial kitchen, then it is important to ensure that the right kind of cleaning solution is being used. Make sure that the cleaning solution that you choose is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Cleaning the mats
A lot of commercial kitchens tend to use mats such that workers can be prevented from slipping. Make sure that the mat you use is cleaned and sanitized regularly and ensure it is air-dried before using.